Registration for Optional Papers


Pre-final list of optionals allotted  (updated 9 August 2018)


Please visit this link to fill the form for optional papers


YOU CANNOT FILL THE FORM BEFORE 6 August 2018 (Monday), 10 a.m.

Note that you will be able to view, fill out, and submit the form from 6 August 2018 (Monday), 10 a.m. onwards. In the meantime, keep your details and choices ready. 




See the sample form here and keep all details ready


See the notification here



  1. The optional form will be accepted only with effect from 6th August 2018 (Monday), 10:00 am onwards. PLEASE DO NOT fill the form before l0:00 am.
  2. Optional form submission for summer semester 2018-19 will be done via online medium using Google Forms ONLY. The link will be available on the Department Website.
  3. Only ONE response per e-mail ID would be registered.
  4. Students need to have a GMAIL ACCOUNT. Those students, who do not have a Gmail account, are required to register for a Gmail account and use the same for filling up the form.
  5. It is mandatory to fill up all the details in the form. Incomplete forms will not be entertained. 
  6. Students are suggested to fill up all six optionals. The first three selections will be accepted according to first come first serve basis.
  7. There is a limit of 100 students per paper. Therefore, the first 100 students opting for a particular optional, on a first come first serve basis, shall be entertained. Once a paper has received 100 applicants, the optional shall no longer be available.
  8. Two designated teachers/scholars will be available in the department for addressing any queries regarding this process. Any confusion should be clarified at the Department latest by 2 pm on 4 August 2018 (Saturday) in LH-3. 
  9. Students shall be solely responsible for any errors in the filling up of their forms.
  10. Students will be given only one chance to change their selected optionals, the date for which shall be announced later. 

Printout of the form is put up on the notice boards and the department website.


Following are the instructions to fill the form online:

a) The link will open a Google Form where the student has to fill the following details:

1. E-mail ID

2. Name

3. Permanent Address

4. Address for Correspondence

5. Telephone/Mobile Number

6. College Name

7. College Roll No.

8. Exam Roll No.

b) Students need to make sure that they have these details ready before opening the form.

c) Then, the student has to select 6 optional papers from the available options. First three choices will be taken into account on the basis of first come first serve principle. If there are any cancellations for a paper, students’ choices listed in 4th, 5th and 6th column will be allotted to them on the basis of first come first serve principle

3rd sem 18-001

You can ONLY choose ONE paper from each Group No. G1, G2, G3, G4, G5, G6 and G7.

Example: If you opt for A1, you cannot opt for B1 or C1. However, you are free to choose any other optional paper.

Though you can choose more papers from Group A,B and C, you may choose to specialize in any one stream of (Group A- Political Theory/Thought), (Group B-Public Administration/ Indian Politics); and (Group C-Comparative Politics/International Relations)

*TBD = To be decided


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