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Apr 26, 2018

Viva-voce Examination: Ms. K. Neelima

Apr 23, 2018
Viva-voce examination: Ms. Rinki
Apr 23, 2018

Viva-voce examination: Mr. Vikram Gautam

Apr 18, 2018

Viva-voce Examination: Ms. Rohini

Apr 3, 2018

Viva-voce Examination: Mr. Binit Kumar Sinha

Feb 27, 2018

Viva-voce Examination: Ms. Megha

Feb 22, 2018

Viva-voce Examination: Mr. T. Cholichem Sangtam





Comparative Federalists Research Group

14 May 2018, 11.30 a.m.

The Comparative Federalists Research Group, Department of Political Science, University of Delhi cordially invites you to a talk on

Horizontal Mobilisation, Anti-Incumbency or Performance Delivery: What will sway the verdict in Karnataka Elections?


by Dr. Sandeep Shastri, Pro Vice-Chancellor of Jain University, National Coordinator of Lokniti Network

Venue: Department Committee Room, Department of Political Science




Visting Fellow TalkVisiting Fellow Lectures

Department of Political Science, University of Delhi in collaboration with Intellectual History Research Group

An Indian Intellectual: Jayaprakash Narayan and his Role in the Cultural Cold War

(Day 1: 16 May 2018, 2:30 PM)

"It Began in Mexico": The Beginning of M.N. Roy's Affair with Communism

(Day 2: 17 May 2018, 2:30 PM)

by Dr. Daniel Kent CarrascoInstitute of Historical Research, National Mexican University




POSTER PSIP 2018National Seminar


Revisiting Peace and Security in Contemporary World: Interventions from India


11th-12th May 2018


Organized by

Peace and Security in International Politics Research Network,

Department of Political Science, University of Delhi

Sponsored by UGC, CAS-SAP


Click here for Concept Note and Schedule



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