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Feb 5, 2018

Seminar Talk

Seminar Talk: Dr. Raziuddin Aquil


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The Department of Political Science, University of Delhi invites you to a talk

on "Sufi-Bhakti complex and the political culture of Medieval India"

Dr. Raziuddin Aquil, historian and author


Lecture Hall, Department of Political Science,

Faculty of Social Sciences Building (2nd Floor),

University of Delhi (North Campus).

Date & Time:

7 Feb (Wednesday) 2018; 2:30 PM


Abstract: History is a hot topic in popular politics of the public domain. Medieval Indian history is an especially contested field. Pressures from different kinds of ideological positions and politics of identities of various kinds together put serious constraints in the practice and writing of history. Despite the challenges, scholarship has continued to grow. This lecture will chart historiographical trajectories to illustrate how a whole range of themes and issues are dealt with by professional historians from a variety of perspectives with reference to sources and evidence. It will particularly look at some of the critical issues relating to the complex interactions between religion and political culture. The shared and disputed terrains of Sufi-Bhakti complex reveal faultlines fraught with possibilities for shrewd cultural negotiations and brutal political violence.

Speaker: Dr Raziuddin Aquil is Associate Professor in the Department of History, University of Delhi. He is the author and editor of several books on religious, literary and historical practices in the political context of medieval and and early modern India. He would particularly like to highlight the value of the book titled, The Muslim Question: Understanding Islam and Indian History (Penguin) and a coedited book with Partha Chatterjee, History in the Vernacular (Permanent Black). events/1397443020378925/


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