Registration for Open Elective Papers Sem - II


newTentative List of students for OE Courses [dated 11 May 2022]


Students who wish to change their OEs, and/or correct their exam roll number/college, MUST WRITE ONLY AT

Last date to do so is Friday, 13 May 2022, 5 PM.

No request for changes shall be entertained after the above date/time.

No request made to any other email ID and/or via message shall be entertained.

Students who Exam Roll number is highlighted, need to check and get the same corrected by writing email at

Students who have not received their exam roll numbers, need to contact their respective colleges.



>>Please visit this link to fill the form for open elective papers<<

[Active w.e.f. 6 May 2022, 11 AM till 8 May 2022, 5 PM]



The form is applicable to regular students of all Departments who wish to opt for OEs offered by the Department of Political Science. The form is not applicable to NCWEB and SOL students. There are advised to approach their respective offices for the same.


The Form is accepting responses w.e.f. 6 May 2022, 11 AM.
Last Date: 8 May 2022, till 5 PM

A tentative list will be published on 9 May 2022.

Orientation Schedule


See the sample forms below and keep all details ready:

1. For students of the Department of Political Science

2. For students of other Departments



1. The Open Elective form will accept responses w.e.f. 6 May 2022, 11 AM.

2. Open Elective form submission for MA Previous Semester II (2020-21) will be done via online medium using Google Forms ONLY. The link will be available on the Department Website.

3. Only ONE response per e-mail ID would be registered.

4. Students need to have a GMAIL ACCOUNT. Those students, who do not have a Gmail account, are required to register for a Gmail account and use the same for filling up the form.

5. It is mandatory to fill up all the details in the form. Incomplete forms will not be entertained.

6. Students of the Department of Political Science are required to select two Open Elective papers. In case any student wants to select Open Elective paper from another Department, she/he needs to select “NONE” in the given Open Elective group.

7. Students of other Departments also have to fill this form. They need to select “Other Department” on the first page of the Google Form.

8. Students will get a chance to change their selected open elective paper, date for which shall be announced later.

9. The last date for filling the form is 8 May 2022, till 5 PM.

10. The classes for Open Electives shall be conducted in North Campus only.

11. See the sample forms by clicking below:

a. For students of the Department of Political Science

b. For students of other Departments

12. All update/details will be available on the website of the Department of Political Science here.

13. Students shall be solely responsible for any errors in the filling up of their forms.


Following are the instructions to fill the form online:

a) The link will open a Google Form where the student has to fill the following details:

1. E-mail ID

2. Name

3. Telephone/Mobile Number

4. PG College Name (to be selected from the drop-down menu)

5. PG College Roll No.

6. Exam Roll No.

(Your PG College Roll No. is the one mentioned on your College I-Card.
Your Exam Roll No. is the one mentioned on your exam admit card.)

b)  Students need to make sure that they have these details ready before opening the form.

c) The link will be made available on the Department website w.e.f. 6 May 2022 (11 AM) till 8 May 2022 (5 PM).


IMPORTANT NOTE: Students of the Department have to take two Open Elective Courses in Sem-II [4 credits each]. Please note that if you choose “Ethics and Governance” you cannot choose “Understanding the International” or “Environment”. Similarly, if you choose “Political Institutions and Processes in India”, you cannot choose “Security: An Interdisciplinary Discourse”.

Refer to the grouping and time table of the Open Electives (April - August 2022)

Grouping of Open Electives:

Open Elective A:

PS-OE 01 Ethics and Governance (Prof. Ashok Acharya/ Dr Saroj Giri/ Dr Silky Tyagi)
PS-OE 02 Understanding the International (Prof. Sanjeev Kumar H.M./ Prof. Navnita Chadha Behera/ Dr Megha)
PS-OE 07 Environment (Prof. Madhulika Banerjee/ Dr Saroj Giri/ Ms. Mannu Singh) 

Open Elective B:

PS-OE 03 Political Institutions and Processes in India (Prof. Rekha Saxena/ Dr Smita Agarwal/ Dr Chongom Aron Aimol)
PS-OE 06 Security: An Interdisciplinary Discourse (Dr Bipin K. Tiwary/ Dr Surae Soren/ Dr Abhishek Choudhary)



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