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Concept Note

In the last couple of decades, concern for justice has not remained confined within territorial boundaries of the nation-state; many such issues have acquired a global and transnational character spilling over into what we might call a broader global jurisdiction. With the onset of globalization, the imperative for discussing and debating about issues of justice from a global perspective has slowly but surely gained wider support.  It is with the broad objective to address a wide variety of global concerns, issues and perspectives within an interdisciplinary framework that cuts across professional, disciplinary and national boundaries that the Global Justice Research Group was formed in 2017 in the Department of Political Science, University of Delhi.

During the academic session 2017-18 the Global Justice Research Group held many public events and activities to critically engage scholars, researchers and students on themes that included deliberations  on inequality and poverty, social exclusion, health inequalities, social and economic rights, protection from violence, climate change, illicit financial flows and gendered inequalities among others. It encouraged particularly the young students to share their views on such crucial aspects of human concern.

One significant event that the Global Justice Research Group organised this year was a public Lecture on the theme “The Foreign Drivers of Domestic Injustice” on July 25, 2017.  The eminent political philosopher Prof. Thomas Pogge from Yale University was invited to deliver this key lecture. Speaking of the vulnerability, extreme inequality and subordination of India’s poor, Prof.  Pogge argued how the aggravated inequality in India has much to do with the external causal factors that lay in the organisization of the new global system of trade and finance than merely linking it to the local domestic factors.

The Global Justice Research Group works closely with the Delhi School of Transnational Affairs, DU. 


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