Research Students Workshops

PhD Work in Progress Workshop, 16th March 2018.

Following eleven students presented their work:

1. Prashant Barthwal presented on 'An Analytical Study Of Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay’s Ideas Of Nation’ Nationalism'.

2. Manisha Dahiya presented on 'State Dynamics And Women's Issues: Marxian And Dalit  Perspectives'.

3. Kanchan Kumari presented on 'The Politics Of Hetrosexuality And Citizenship In India: A Study Of Adoption Laws'.

4. Alisha Dhingra presented on 'Gender Analysis of the Text of the Indian and the South African Constitution'.

5. Archana Rath presented on 'Law, Citizenship And Juvenile Justice: Rights Of Children In India'.

6. Suman presented on 'Bhartiya Telivision Vigyapan mein Nari ka Chintan: Mukti ya Daman'.

7. Satish Kumar presented on 'Nuclearisation Of South Asia And Its Impact On Regional Security And Stability'.

8. Suneel Kumar Chitturi presented on 'Collaborative Governance, Development And Democracy: A Study Of Practices And Possibilities In Andhra Pradesh'.

9. Manashvi Kumar presented on 'Polychromatic nature of Energy Poverty: "Microcosm of Evidence-Based Policy" (Decentralised distributed generation, access and usage)'.

10. Sana Salim presented on 'Interrogating the Conventional Institutions of Learning in India: Analyzing the Future Prospects of Madarsa Students'.

11. Jyoti Bharti presented on 'Gender Equality and Cultural Rights in India: An Analysis of the Indian State practices in the aftermath of Shah Bano Judgment'.

M.Phil. Workshop organised on January 16, 2017, in which all the students of the batch presented their research proposals

Following students presented their work:

1. Shreya presented on ‘Restorative Justice: As an alternative view of Justice’. 

2. Komal presented on ‘Cow protection movement and Rule of Law’. 

3. Jigme Thinley presented on ‘Democratisation of Exile Tibetan Government’. 

4. Baby Tabassum presented on ‘Uniform Civil Code: Legal and political Post Shahbano Case’. 

5. Divya Sivaramane presented on ‘The Politics of Poular Identity and Poular Welfare in the Electoral Arena of Tamil Nadu’.

6. Rahul presented on ‘Caste Based Discrimination in Food Industry’.

7. Kashyap Nidarshan Syangden ‘Representation: Locating the Gorkha in Darjeeling’.

8. Bhawna kumara presented on ‘Ambedkar and Nationalism’. 

9. Alankita Upadhaya presented on ‘The Notion of “Self” vis-a vis- the “ Other” in the US in Post 9/11 Era. 

10. Vasvi presented on ‘Fiscal federalism in India: An analytical study of Indirect Tax reforms in India’.

11. Pooja presented on ‘Bhutan monarchy to Democracy: Challenges and possibilities’. 

12. Fiona lalmalsawmi presented on ‘ Peace and political process : A study of role of church in Socio-political life of the Mizos’. 

13. Ekta Shaikh presented on ‘Deliberating Upon Development Ethics in Conflict Societies’.

14. Faizan presented on 'Centeral Services in India: A Case study of Muslim Representation’. 

15. Anwar Ali presented on ‘Realising Right to Food in India: A Study of Legal Evaluation and Challenges’. 

16. Ekta presented on ‘Sicial Exclusion of Hijra Community in the area of Livelihood: A Case Study of Delhi’. 

17. Kajal presented on ‘BJP and Governance: an Anaalysis’. 

18. Dhaniraj Kareil presented on ‘Changing Geopolitics of Indo-Pacific: Containment of China at Sea by Indo-US Alliance’. 

19. Ajay presented on ‘ Dilli Ki Rajniti Mein Muslim Basstiyo Mein Rehene Walo Ki Bhumika: 1993 Ke Bad Ka Mulyankan’. 

20. Sushma presented on ‘ Handloom: Traditional and Modern Knowledge’. 

21. Mohan presented on ‘Changing Caste Composition of Lok Sabha in Multi-Party Coalition Phase Since 1989’. 

22. Ankita presented on ‘Indian Constitution: A Thematic Revisit to Patel’s Contribution’. 

23. Harsha presented on ‘Indian Constitutionalism and Constitution Morality’.

24. Teeka Ram presented on ‘Changing Role of Indian State in Contemporary Times’.

25. Lovely Besoya presented on ‘ Traditional Knowledge of Water System in India’. 

26. Dharmender Sudeshna presented on ‘ Panchayati Raj system in Rajasthan’. 

M.Phil. Workshop organised on January 17, 2016, in which all the students of the batch presented their research proposals

Following students presented their work:

1. Chandan Kumar presented on ‘Samkaaleen Bharat Main Krishi Se Gair Krishi Karyon Ke Aur Agrasar Hotey Madhyam Vargeeya Kisaan: Bihar Ka Adhyayan’. 

2. Rajani presented on ‘Mass Media Main Stri Ki Sakaratmak Kamukta’. 

3. Meghna Kajla presented on ‘Symbols of Dominance and Hierarchy: The changing Pattern of Dress in North India’. 

4. Tanya Sharma presented on ‘Interrogating the Indian Ideal of Social Equality’. 

5. Ikshula presented on ‘ Law and Literature: Storytelling, Court and Constitutional Values’. 

6. Mhadeno Jungi presented on ‘Solidarity in Multiplural Society: Source and Significance’. 

7. Deepak Kumar presented on ‘Language Discrimination in Higher Educational Institutions in India’. 

8. Satya Prakash presented on ‘Analysing the Social Transformation of Bihar Under the Regime of Karpoori Thakurs’. 

9. Devina Shukla presented on ‘Linkages between Economic Growth and Human Development in South Asia’. 

10. Pankaj presented on ‘Bharat Main Krishik Sankat: Vaishivkrit Bazaar-Vyavast hake Sandarbh Main’. 

11. Jasbindra Kaur presented on ‘Democracy, State Security and an Understanding of Banning in India’. 

12. Manpreet Kaur presented on ‘Urban Planning In India: The Emergence of the Unplanned Resistance Against Planning’. 

13. Renuka Chaudhary presented on ‘Struggling Women Development in "Complex-Casteism Society": Development as Freedom of Self-Decision’. 

14. Kuver Pranjal Singh presented on ‘Understanding of Colonialism in a Subaltern Perspective: An Indian context’. 

15. Jyoti Diwakar presented on ‘Life of Trials: Rape Laws in India’. 

16. Pooja presented on ‘Daayan Prathaki Rajniti: Upakshrit Mahilaon Ke Vishesh Sandarbh Main’. 

17. Ajit Kumar presented on ‘Ram Manohar Lohia Aur Jayprakash Narayan Ke Sandharbh Main Upakshrit Vargiya Adhyyan’. 

18. Ratika Gaur presented on ‘The Indian Discourse on Freedom of Speech’. 

19. Priya Kanojia presented on ‘ Gender-Biased Laws and Impact of Religion in Law-Making in India’. 

20. Kumari Anupama presented on ‘Nijtake Adhikaarke VisheshSandarbh Main Adhikaar Aur Obligation ke beech Sambangh’. 

21. Nisha Kumari presented on ‘ Democracy and Food Security for Subaltern in Contemporary India: A Critical Appraisal’. 

22. Sushma presented on ‘Pan Vidyut Pariyojnayein Aur Sattat Vikaas: Himachal Pradesh Main Samajik Andolanki Aavashyakta’. 

23. Lucy presented on ‘Interrogating the Indian Ideal of Social Equality’. 


M.Phil. Workshop organised on January 17, 2015, in which all the students of the batch presented their research proposals

Following students presented their work:

1. Krishna Murari Mukherjee presented on ‘A Methodological Critique of Rawls & the Possibility of Alternative Politics’.

2. Parveen Kumar presented on ‘Jhuggi Avim Bastiyo Mein Mahilaye’. 

3. Abhishek Handa presented on ‘Knowledge, Market and Medicinal Plants: Understanding the Impact of the Commercialization of Traditional Medicines’. 

4. Sangik Banerejee presented on ‘Insecurity of Liberal State: Course of Impunity in Peaceful Democracy’. 

5. Arunima Bhattacharya presented on, ‘Dance as a Form of Alternative Knowledge: Bharatanatyam A Case Study’. 

6. Pritam Pradip Mathur presented on ‘Displacement of Indigenous People in Jharkhand Due to Development and Significance of Safeguards’.

7. Mohd. Arif Khan presented on ‘Bharat Mein Congress Ki Dharma Nirpakstha’. 

8. Rajni Garg presented on ‘Judicial Activism and Democratic Governance’.

9. Pradeep presented on, ‘Anna Hazare Movement: A Case Study’. 

10. Bhawna presented on, ‘ Sarvajanik Shetra Mein Mahilayoin Ke Virudh Laingik Hinsa: Nirbhaya Ek Adhyaan’. 

11. Yaoreiphy Awungshi presented on, ‘Understanding the National Security Discourse in South Asia: A Feminists Perspective’. 

12. Sunny presented on,’ Siksha Vyavastha Se Utpann Hoti Asamantaiyen’. 

13. Anant Prakash presented on, ‘Mapping the Transition of Planning Commission to NITI Aayog’. 

14. Chirag Thakkar presented on, ‘Biopolitics of Torture, Memory and Testimony in Kashmir’. 

15. Nishant Karpatne presented on, ‘Media’s Impact on Electoral Politics: Elections 2014’. 

16. Anil Kumar presented on, ‘Immigration and Liberalism and Social Cohesion’. 

17. Alka presented on, ‘Bhagana Rape Case: the Intersectionality of Caste & Gender in Women Sexual Exploitation’. 

18. Tsheten T Bhutia presented on,‘RE-visitingtheGorkhaidentity:theCreationofMulti- Layered Tribal Identities in the Contemporary Darjeeling Hills’. 

19. Heigrujam Prem Kumar Singh presented on, ‘The Concept of Indianness and the Politics of Belonging’. 

20. Bhanu Kumar presented on ‘Bhartiye Sansadiye Loktantrik Prakriye Mein Chunotiyen Utpann Karta Karyapalika Ka Vishesh Adhikaran’. 

21. Nishant Yadav presented on ‘Hindi Cinema Mein Samajvvad’. 

22. Ekta presented on ‘Antarjatiye Vivah Ki Avdharnayein’.

23. Shamna TP presented on‘Depiction of Birds of Freedom in post 1983 Srilankan and Tamil Cinema and Fictional Literature’.

24. Laishram Ashok Singh presented on ‘Reading V D S Savarkar’.

25. Nupur Rana presented on ‘Ethics of Non-Human Animals’.

MPhil Workshop organized on January 24, 2014, in which all the students of the batch presented their research proposals

Following students presented their work:

1. Alisha Dhingra presented on ‘Gendered Reading of the Indian Constitution’.

2. Preeti presented on ‘samudaiyak adhikar van bhumi adivasi: Athaisik adhyan’.

3. Sana Salim presented on, ‘Perspective on Higher Education Among Muslims Students: A Case Study of Jamia Millia Islamia University’. 

4. NCM Robinson presented on, ‘The Socio-Political Leadership of Hindu Gurus in a Neoliberal and Secular India’. 

5. Dipanwita Jena presented on, ‘Global Health Justice: Patents, Licensing and Innovation’.

6. Jai Gupta presented on, ‘ Bhojan Ke Adhikar Ke Vishesh Sandarb Mein Sarvoch Nyayalay Avmein Sarvochit Sangtho Ki Bhumika’

7. Richa Praksh Chaudhary presented on, ‘Emerging legalities in Cyber Sphere: Concerns for Democracy (A study of IT Act)’.

8. Preeti Singh presented on, ‘Child Labour in Domestic Work: A Gender Analysis’.

9. Harbajan Singh presented on, ‘Foreign Direct Investmnet in Retail Sector in India’.

10. Deborah LanoshaSynrempresented on, ‘Politics and Ethics of Global Resource Distribution: The Case of Brazil from the Global South Perspective’.

11. Narender Kumar presented on, ‘PESA (Panchayat Extension Sechuled Area Act): A Critical Analysis’.

12. Khursheed Alam presented on, ‘Debates about Indian Secularism’.

13. Bhavtosh Bhaskar presented on, Bhartiya Sanghvadi Virti Vyavstha Ke Sandarb Mein Bihar Ki Vishesh Rajyadari Ek Maang’

14. Komal presented on, ‘Understanding Women's Question in Ambedkar's Social Philosophy’.

15. Pawan Kumar presented on, ‘Assessment of Environmental Policies and Policy Implementation in Delhi after 2002’.

16. Gurmath Lotos presented on, ‘Ethnic Conflicts: A Case study of Tamil and Singhalese’.

17. Sikhamoni Das presented on, ‘Global Civil Society and Challenges of Democratization: Role of Transnational Activism’.

18. Md. Firdaus Shah presented on, ‘Role of Civil Society Organization on Resistance Movement for Human Rights Against the AFSPA, 1958 in Manipur’.

19. Babita Kumari presented on, ‘Democratic Participation and Empowerment of Tribal Women in PRIs: A Study of the Koraput District in Odisha’.

20. Gayatri presented on, ‘Study of Preamble in Indian Constitution’.

21. Ramnath Singh presented on, ‘Disability Question: Class Contradiction, State-Policies and their Impact on Disability Movement’.

22. Rakhi presented on, ‘ Bahrat Mein Nazarbandi Kanoon Sambandhi Niti Tatha Vidhi Ka Shashan’

23. Namreeta Kumari presented on, ‘Conflicted Space: Negotiating for Dignity’.

24. Nikhil Aggarwal presented on, ‘ Sarkar ki Sikhsha Niti: Laldi Yojna’ 


M.Phil. Workshop organized on March 19, 2013, in which all the students of the batch presented their research proposals

Following students presented their work:

1. Sarad Kumar Yadav presented on, ‘Vikas Ki Rajniti Khana Aur Sthaniye Mool Nivasi ( Jharkand Ke Visesh Sandarb Mein)'.

2. Gaishinlu Kamson presented on, ‘India and China: How Real is the Indian Perception of the China Threat’. 

3. Krishna Kumari presented on, ‘Analysis of Government Policies For the Unorganised Sector in the Context of Construction Site Labourers’. 

4. Jaya Kumari presented on, ‘Role of Mother Tongue in Education and the Politics of Knowledge’. 

5. Pramod Kumar presented on, ‘Student Protest Politics in the Indian University: A Comparative Study of DU and JNU’. 

6. Anamika presented on, ‘Domestic Violence as a Human Security Challenge in India’. 

7. Alok Kumar Singh presented on, ‘ Karya karne ka Adhikar –MNREGA : Ek Alochnamatak Aadhyan’ 

8. Veronica Chishi presented on, ’Development and Decentralization : The Nagaland Experience’. 

9. Prakash Kumar Patel presented on, ‘Anti-Defection Law in the Era of Coalition Politics in India’. 

10. Sadhna Gupta presented on, ‘ Bharat Ka Niyantarat Avmein Mahalekha Prarikshak: Sansthanik Swaytha Ka Sawal’.

11. Sanya Sharma presented on, ‘Social Movements and Law: A Study of Recent Legislation for Protection of Women From Violence’.

12. Suman presented on, ‘ Mahila Suraksha Ke Chintan Mein News Chanlo Ki Bhumika-Asuraksha Ke Prashn: Ek Adhyaan’.

13. Priyanka Rai presented on, ‘ Bhojan Ke Visesh Adhikar Ke Sandarb Mein Khadya-Suraksha Bill Ka Samikshit Adhayn’.

14. Sanjay presented on, ‘ Bhartiye Gathbandhan Ki Rajniti Mein Samajvadi Party Ki Bhumika’.

15. Kanchan Kumari presented on, ‘Gender Vijatiyat Aur Raashtra-Raajya’.

16. Chandni Mehta presented on, ‘Sex Work and the Dominant Conception of Labour’.

17. Satish Kumar presented on, ‘Domestic Experiments in Pakistan’.


‘Work-in-Progress’ Workshops Organized for Ph.D. Students (2012 - 2017)

PhD students who have completed one year or more are required to submit their dissertation topics and an abstract to the Ph.D. Participants are required to speak on their work-in-progress research especially if they have written a chapter or reflect on a problem that they wish to share with their peers/teachers. Students make presentation for 15-20 minutes wherein they are required to lay down the major arguments and present evidence for their arguments. The workshop are particularly designed so that the research scholars can share their research works with other fellow researches as well as the faculty of the department. For details, see Annexure?

Ph.D. Workshop organized on 27 April 2012.

A PhD work-in-progress workshop was held on 27th April 2012. Following ten students presented their work.

Papers Presented:

1. Kasturi Datta presented on 'State, Globalisation and Workers’ Struggle in the Unorganised Sector: A Study of Women Construction                Workers’ in Delhi NCR Region in the New Millennium'. 

2. Shivali Agarwal presented on 'The Ethics of Hindutava, Spirit of Economic Nationalism and Constraints of Globalizations: BJP in                    Governance Since Liberalization'. 

3. Anand Saurabh presented on 'Experiencing Development: A Study Of Posco Sez (Odisha)'. 

4. Avneet Kaur presented on 'Electronic Governance and Women'. 

5. Mithilesh presented on 'Language and the Nation'.

6. Sangeeta presented on 'Reorientating Planning in Liberialised Economy of India'.

7. Sele Stephen presented on 'Customary Laws, Social Structure and Value Systems of the Poumai Naga in Manipur'.

8. Smita presented on 'Situating Women in Grassroot Governance: A Study of Panchayats in Bihar'.

9. Anuranjita Arora presented on 'Political Participation'.

10. Rohini presented on 'Muslim Minority, The Indian National Congress and the Shah Bano Case: A Review of Debate'.


Workshop on Proposal Writing for PhD candidates organized on January 21, 2013.

Prof.Ujjwal Singh, Dr.Rekha Saxena, Dr. N. Sukumar, Dr. Saroj Giri and Dr. Nasreen Chowdhory spoke on different aspects of proposal writing. 


Ph.D. Workshop organized on 23 February 2013 
A PhD work-in-progress workshop was held on 23rd February 2013. Following sixteen students presented their work.

1. Anjali presented on' Angry Community, Fractured State: Contemporary Debates on The Politics of Khap Panchayats'. 

2. Avantika Singh presented on 'Gendering Climate Change Adaptatio. 

3. Badre Alam Khan presented on 'Understanding the Theoretical Discourse on Minority Rights in Indian Political Theory With Special                  Rreference to Pasmanda Muslims'. 

4. Binit Kumar Sinha presented on 'Ensuring Accountability: Problems And Prospects Of Social Auditing'.

5. Garima Singh presented on 'Gendering Discourse: Everyday Re-Production of the Language of Patriarchy'.

6. Kunal Singh presented on 'Contesting ‘the Political’: Civil Society and Politics in Post- Liberalization India'.

7. Gargi Sengupta presented on 'Governance of Delhi: A Study of Bhagidari Approach With Special Reference to SavdaGhevra Development      and Livelihood Issues'.

8. Gurpreet Singh presented on 'The Norms in World Politics: A Study of the Role of ‘Socialist’ Norms in Post-Soviet Era'.

9. Megha presented on 'Nehru’s philosophy on the minority rights'.

10. Neelam Jain presented on 'Community, State and ‘Crimes of Honour’ in North India'. 

11. Neha Aggarwal presented on 'The Political Economy of Communal Violence: A Case Study of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, 2002 and After'. 

12. Ranjay Reddy presented on 'Civilization, Time And Mystery Of Man'. 

13. Rohini Jha presented on 'History of Muslim Minority Rights in India'.

14. Smriti Suman presented on 'Nationalism and Cosmopolitanism in Hindi Cinema: 1990-2011'.

15. Syed Rizwan Ahmad presented on 'Naxalite Movement: Understanding the State Response'. 

16. Vikramditya Sahai presented on 'Queering The Political, Perhaps Not'.


PhD Workshop organized on 25 October 2013

A PhD work-in-progress workshop was held on 23rd February 2013. Following sixteen students presented their work.

Papers Presented:

1. Amya Aggarwal presented on 'Gendered Dimension of Conflict and its Impact on Political Decision Making Process: A Case Study of                Varying Roles of Women in Conflict in Kashmir'.

2. Devarati Roy Chowdhury presented on 'Politics & Institutions for Food Security: Arguments for Universalization & Decentralization in              North Bihar'. 

3. Neelam Jain presented on 'Community, State and Crimes of ‘Honour’ in North India'. 

4. Kapil Kumar presented on 'Enhancing Dignity of the Visually Disabled Citizens: Role of Governmental and Non-governmental                        Organisations in India'. 

5. Krishna Murari presented on 'Party Systems in Indian States: A Comparative Study of Three Models – Gujarat, Kerala and Madhya                Pradesh'. 

6. Utpal Kumar presented on 'Politics of Linguistic Identity: A Case Study of Bhojpuri'.

7. Rachna Kumari presented on 'Forest Land Rights of the Tribals in Jharkhand'.

8. Badre Alam Khan presented on 'Interrogating Discourse on "Minority Politics" With Special Reference to Pasmanda Muslims'.

9. Rohini Jha presented on '“State is Above All Gods”: Constituent Assembly Debates on Minority Rights and Secularism in India'.

10. Poukho presented on 'Customary Laws and Gender Among the Poumai Naga in Manipur: A Study'.

11. Banasmita Bora presented on 'An Overview of Literatures on Insurgency and Political Violence'. 

12. Pankaj K.Jha: presented on 'Traditional Perspectives on Flood Control'. 


6. Ph.D. Workshop organized on 7 November 2015

Department of Political Science sponsored a workshop for the PhD scholars working in the Department on 7 November 2015. Fourteen research scholars presented papers on wide-ranging themes concerning gender, migration, security and environment.

Papers Presented:

1. Garima Singh presented on 'Gendering Discourse: Everyday Reproduction of Language of Patriarchy'. 

2. Priyanka Choudhary presented on 'Dichotomy Between Development and Culture: A Caste Study of Gadia Lohars in Rajasthan'. 

3. Manisha Dahiya presented on ‘Woman’ in Early Marxist Thought '. 

4. Kasturi Datta presented on 'Understanding Qualitative Research through Practice: Challenges and Limitations'.

5. KS Luckyson James presented on 'Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act and Human Rights: A Case Study of Manipur and Jammu &                  Kashmir'. 

6. Ramneet Kaur presented on 'Emergence of Birth Control in Colonial India: A Feminist Response'. 

7. Badre Alam Khan presented on 'Rethinking Minority Rights Discourse in the Public Sphere'. 

8. Yasir Khan presented on 'Vision and Violence: A Study of Maududi with Reference to Lenin and Golwalkar'. 

9. Ajit Kumar presented on 'Role of Police in Maintenance of the Rule of Law and Protection from Crime in Delhi Slum Areas'. 

10. J. Susanna Lobo presented on 'Indo-US Relations and China as a Factor: A Balance of Power Perspective'. 

11. Rinki Mavi presented on 'Role of MGNREGA in Social Economic Well being of Rural Women: Case Study of Two Districts in Haryana'.

12. Prajwal Pakhrin presented on 'State, Territoriality and Silent Borderland: Impact on the Vanishing Tribe of the Lepchas. 

13. Avantika Singh presented on' Gendering Climate Change Vulnerability: Case Study of Two Villages in Uttar Pradesh'.

14. AnchalTanwar presented on: Understanding Environmental Governance: A Case Study of Delhi Government’s Solid Waste Management          from 1991-2011'.


Workshop on ‘Interpreting Key Texts of Ambedkar for Contemporary India,’

The department of Political Science in partnership with ICSSR organized a Tenday national workshop on Interpreting Key Texts of Ambedkar for Contemporary India on 17-27 February, 2016. It was concieved and organized by Prof. N. Sukumar with the assistance of Sanjeev and Komal, both Ph. D Students and Deepak Kumar, an M.Phil student. All three were members of the core organzing committee.

The workshop was held to provide methodological innovation of reading and applying Ambedkar’s works for a meaning ful social transformation rather than seeking to appropriate Ambedkar for narrow electoral gains interpret his works in reductionist ways. The workshop brought together young scholars, researchers working ambedkarite thought on a common platform. All presentations critically engaged with existing social concerns, state and economic structures and mechanisms of social dominace and emancipation. Professor Valerian Rodrigues delivered the valedictory address at the concluding session of the workshop.


PhD work-in-progress workshop was held on Feb. 3rd, 2017 in which 15 PhD students presented their work.

1. Asish Abrol 'Presented on Economic Security, Privacy, Community Rights & e-Surveillance'.

2. Jigyasa Sharma 'Presented on The State, Citizenship and the Homeless Urban Poor: Study of a Few Delhi Slums'.

3. K Neelima 'Presented on Electoral Democracy and Reforms in India: A Study of Process And Perception'.

4. Kumar Rajesh 'Socialist Politics in India Since 1967: A Study of Bihar And Uttar Pradesh'.

5. Manish Dahiya 'Marxist-Feminist Epistemologies'.

6. Manish Kumar 'Shared Political Authority in non-Western IR Traditions'.

7. Manju Kanojia 'Samkalin Bharat Me Hindu Code Bill Ki Prasangikta: Ek Punarwalokan'. (Relevance of Hindu code bill in contemporary            India: A Review).

8. Nitin Malhotra 'Accessibility Policy for the Differently Abled in India: A Comparative Study of Delhi and Mumbai'.

9. Parvez Alam 'Secularism, Democracy and ‘Agonistic Pluralism’: The ‘Political’ in India'.

10. Pooja Bakshi 'The Delhi Gang-Rape of December 2012: Understanding the Interconnections Between the Crime, the Investigation, the          Protests and Responses of the State

11. Rajan Singh 'Measuring Democracy and Self-Rule: Study of Panchayats in Kerala and Jharkhand'.

12. Satish Dilip Singh 'Nuclearisation of South Asia and its Impact on Regional Security and Stability'.

13. Shweta Sharma 'Custodial Crimes in India: A Study of Delhi Police'.

14. Vaibhav Durga 'Bharat Mein Rashtriya Dalon Ke Chunawi Ghoshanapatra Mein Viklang Warg Aur Kamjor Warg Ke Antarbodh Ka                      Adhyayan'.

15. Vandana Rani 'Public Policies and Good Governance With Special Reference to Health Care in Sikkim'.

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