Tentative list of Open Elective Courses [dated 12.02.2024]


- This is a tentative list based on your responses.

- Check your name, roll number, etc, and submit application for correction by 16 February 2024.

- Students can submit applications for changing their Open Elective Courses in the Department office.

- The last date to submit such requests is 16 February 2024.

- Students whose entries are highlighted in yellow have either taken electives from the same slot, or selected same open elective course twice. Kindly submit an application in the Department Office or contact through email at polscience.du@gmail.com.

- Note that you cannot select two OEs from the same group, as the classes and examinations of such courses will be held simultaneously. Kindly check the time table.

- Students who were not able to submit their choices for electives through Google Form may submit the application in the Department office or through email till Friday, 16 February 2024.

- Emails must be sent only at polscience.du@gmail.com